Family hotel and Restaurant U Bendu




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Family hotel and restaurant u Bendů is located in the town of Pernink in Ore Mountains,
900 meters above the sea level.

Pernink became one of the most visited places in Ore Mountains. Pernink is a great location
for Summer and Winter holiday. There are cross-country skiing tracks and 5 slopes at the spot.
In the town there is a possibility of lending skis and snowboards.

The highest point and ski resort in Ore Mountains is Klínovec, which is far around 10 km from Pernink. There is a Half-Pipe for for snowboarders and every Winter season Klínovec set up the World Championship in Half - Pipe.

In Summer the surrounding area is ideal for cycling, hiking, mushroom picking and swimming.
7 km far from Pernink in the town of Potůčky there is a swimming pool with whirpool, steam room, sauna and massage centre.

One of the most visited places in West Bohemia is the spa town of Karlovy Vary which is 25 km far from Pernink and its one of the best places for holiday trip with many cultural and historical memories.